Trailers FilmFest in the World back to Cannes

The roving section of the Trailers FilmFest, the festival of film trailers, Trailers FilmFest in the World returns to the Cannes Film Festival to promote and share with film lovers the strong ties between Italian cinema and food.
Food has always played a leading role in our cinema, and many Italian directors have made food one of the stars of their films, in classic scenes that speak volumes about our food and wine traditions.
Trailers FilmFest in the World hopes its events will whet the appetite and ignite the imaginations of all those who are passionate about cinema as well as fine Italian food and wine. We’d like viewers to relive the high points and unforgettable scenes from a film tradition that celebrates dining, and then get a taste, at our events, of the finest products Italian cuisine has to offer.
A journey through Italian cinema, as seen and “savoured” in its gastronomic dimension, with viewers treated to enticing samples of cinema – the trailers – and tastings of Italian food.
As the slogan for our event says, promoting Italian film and food though Trailers FilmFest in the World means offering “A taste of genuine emotions” every time: real emotions that never die. Emotions that attract our attention and delight our palates. Emotions that we’d like to remember forever, just like the way we feel every time we sample a specialty out of the great Italian food and wine tradition.